Getting ready

Pre-packing is a hugely important part of the removals process. If you want to protect your items, never use cartons of inferior quality. Scrimping on cartons puts your valuable office and home goods at risk. Don’t take that chance! Arm yourself with the right equipment for the pre-packing process. Not only will you have an easier transfer, your items will be safe and protected. Here are just a few of the helpful tools we offer for removals in Perth.

 2-3 Bedroom Unit

We suggest the following:

  • 10 x Crates
  • 5 Book/Wine Boxes
  • 1 x Tape
  • 5 Kgs Butchers Paper
  • 5m Bubble Wrap
  • 45 x Labels
  • Marker pen

 2-3 Bedroom House

We suggest the following:

  • 20 x Crates
  • 10 x Book/Wine Boxes
  • 2 x Tape
  • 10m Bubble Wrap
  • 45 x Labels
  • Marker pen

4 Bedroom House

We suggest the following:

  • 30 x Crates
  • 15 x Book/Wine Boxes
  • 2 x Tape
  • 15 Kgs Butchers Paper
  • 15m Bubble Wrap
  • 90 x Labels
  • Marker pen

Office Workstation

Tailored to you:

We tailor office workstation packages to suit your needs. However, the materials below are what we usually recommend for each office workstation.

  • 3 x crates: for the packaging of desk bound files, contents of under desk drawers and personal items
  • 1 x skate: for the safe placement and movement of crates next to the user’s desk and to the truck
  • 8 x labels: allows identification of user’s IT and crates for correct placing at new workstation location
  • 1 x Monitor cover: neoprene covers, protecting the full screen area, back and front (2 for dual screen users)
  • 1 x IT Bag: collation of all the user’s peripheral IT items in one bag