Storage is a handy option. Whether you are in the middle of a move or have too much stuff to fit in your current home or office, storage space can provide you with the time, space and security you need to temporarily store your items. A2B Storage takes pride in providing our clients with the most cost effective storage solutions.

Here are some quick tips on how you can save money on storage:

1.    Do the Math

Often, people store large items such as sofas, televisions or exercise equipment until they can figure out where to put them. Before committing to storage, consider how long you plan to keep items in storage, as well as their value. If you won’t be able to pick up your items for six months or more, the items may become outdated or worth less than what it costs to store them.

2.    Shop Small
Shop for bargains on budget-sized storage units. Larger storage units are more expensive and many times, a smaller storage space would work just as well. At A2B Storage, we can work with you to determine an accurate size unit to store your items. Besides, if you pack your unit wisely, you might be surprised at all you can fit in there.

3.    Share a Space

Do you know someone else who is in need of storage? If you do not have enough items to fill the space on your own, consider sharing the cost of a rental with a friend.

4.    Think Twice About Paper Storage

If you are planning to store boxes of records or paper products, weigh your options. It might be more cost-effective to scan your items into a computer and store them on a flash drive than to rent a unit.

5.    Talk it Out

A2B Storage wants to provide the best storage rates possible to our clients. If you are concerned about the cost of storage, talk to us. We will work with you to determine a variety of factors that could reduce the cost of storage.